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Dec 26, 2012 5:30pm PST
understanding, along with our carla johnson and our mayor's office of disability, and all the different agencies working together, we're going to make this successful. this is a family of agencies that care about our small businesses. last time i looked, there were over 71,000 businesses who registered that had less than 100 employees. that's an incredible sign of businesses that have -- that are our backbone, that hire a number of people. they're not the biggest employers, but they do hire the largest number of employees. over 51% of the city's employees are hired by small businesses. and i want to continue supporting them, nurturing them, have them increase. i hate seeing vacant, vacant buildings, vacant spots. benny knows every time we walk down there, what's going on with this site? what's going on with that site? char men chu knows that as well. we've done a lot of walks together. i want to see every one of these vacancies filled with small bustling business necessarition. we need them to hire more local folks. and one way to do it, one sure way to do it is to make sure t
Dec 27, 2012 5:00am PST
. >>> they are making their way back to washington d.c. for fiscal negotiations. carla campbell has more on the deadline. >> reporter: timtim geithner says has of now they will reach their debt ceiling on monday and they have to make an accounting move so they will not hit the ceiling. they are warning he will have to take extraordinary measures, including once that affect retirement accounts. there have been fiscal negotiations but there has been no movement. today there could be and the president gets back from hawaii and we are expecting an earful from the senate when they get back to work in less than two hours. channel 2 news. >>> well a worker has died from a construction accident. the tragic incident happened at 40 edge hill way at twin peeks. the man's identity has not been released. >>> it must pass more scrutiny before it can return online. it is due to excessive wear on generator tubes. they are asking for more analysis on whether the tubes can handle full power. environmental groups say they are pleased the government regulators are something for questions. they have heard from
Dec 27, 2012 7:00am PST
california para el 2013 y el primero me iré a la parada de las rosas. >>> se llama feliz 2013 y carla esta de vacaciones y la saludamos pero está con nosotros la siempre grande shiquibaby! >>> como que grande no eh? aquí me tuve que peinar alto y con los tacones altos. >>> miren los zapatos de hoy! >>> estampados en la medias y en las botas! >>> gastaste mucho en eso? >>> la verdad es que si. >>> usted esta listo para salir de las deudas? >>> escríbanos en twitter para contarnos cómo se siente y estamos aquí para ver cómo hacer el plan de pago para slair de la deuda! >>> esto comienza hoy! >>> le contamos que una de las revistas más destacadas nombró a univision como el difusor de plataformas múltiples del año y es considerada la cadena de televisión más vanguardista para amplia rl a programación y estmoas en todos los medios digitales, en la internet, redes sociales y asi aumentamos el poder de nuestra audiencia y eso lo hay que tener claro, esto nos hace cerrar el año con broche de oro y para todos los trababjaodres de univision y para ustedes, un gran aplauso! >>> mi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)